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Not Your Usual Doctors Office


We understand not wanting to go to the doctor's office. It's dingy and sterile feeling, you just don't want to be there. Dr Hanna has spared no expense to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible, while providing the highest level of care known. Come see for yourself. 


Experienced Medical Professionals


Dr Hanna has been on the forefront of innovative surgical approaches with minimally invasive techniques to get you weight bearing sooner and get your life back. Many other in office treatment are available to avoid surgery all together. 

Your Last Stop


Dr Hanna takes a lot of pride in fixing the worst of the worst. Have you not responded to other treatments, or been told 'there's nothing else to do?' Come on in and give us a shot to fix you up with treatments many don't even know about. 



Preventative Care

No matter if you are trying to prevent pain, have a broken bone, sprained ankle, ankle pain, foot pain, degeneration of your joints, or prevention of diabetic wounds, this is the future.  We now have a state of the art 3D scanner that allows us to create and manipulate what we need in a diabetic shoe or orthotic. Its a painless scan with an Ipad and you are out the door, receiving the inserts/shoes in half the wait time. Come check it out.... it's incredible. 



Non Operative Care

We have a wide selection of conservative care options that many do not offer. We pride ourselves on fixing those who have been told "there's nothing else to do outside of a huge surgery." We may not have an answer, but many times we do... if nothing else we will always be honest with you about your options. *** I don't have a picture that fits this statement so here is me with my dog Gary. 


Care Of Patient

I have spent everything I have and given everything I have in true desire to provide for my patients. You will see this when you come into the office. The most obvious to me is the Surgically Clean Air System that has been installed. I am a huge believer in air borne infections and this device sterilizes the air of all mold, bacteria, and pollen to the highest levels possible. Currently it is used by NBA and NHL teams in their locker rooms. Outside of that, Hanna Ankle and Foot is the only medical facility, of any specialty, in Kentucky to have this safety measure. I believe this will be the future standard in medicine and I am very  proud in our investment to help our patients outcome. 


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